Fitness Improvement Program

The Fitness Improvement Program ensures that all students are medically and physically capable to safely engage in the physically demanding training offered by the fire academy.


The LBJ Fire Academy recognizes that the health, safety, and wellness of its students are of the utmost importance to its success. The creation of the LBJ Fire Academy Fitness Improvement Program demonstrates the Academy’s commitment to its students. The Fitness Improvement Program will strive to increase students’ physical performance levels while encouraging each person to embrace the ideals of personal wellness and fitness, leading to a healthy and productive life. The Fitness Improvement Program requires a medical examination, which will focus student attention on the importance of early detection of life-threatening injuries and illnesses and the timely referral for treatment of the discovered condition. Additionally the Fitness Improvement Program requires periodic fitness assessments so that each student observes the changes in their physical fitness throughout the program.


A. Participation in this program is mandatory for all LBJ FA students.

B. All students will undergo an annual medical examination.

C. All students will participate in the fitness improvement program.

D. Students who are unable to engage in physical activity cannot be certified as firefighters.


A. Medical Examination.

  1. Students will undergo an annual medical examination performed by a physician of their choice. The physician will complete the LBJ Fire Academy Medical Examination form. A UIL physical form is an acceptable substitution for the LBJ FA Medical Exam form.

2. Medical examination frequency for all students shall be annually. Medical examinations will be completed during the summer break. The physicals are valid for one year, it is recommended that students do not get a medical examination prior to the last day of school.

3. Medical examination content will be evaluated in accordance with NFPA 1582.

B. Fitness Assessment.

  1. The fitness assessment will focus on improving your stamina which will improve safety during training.

  2. The fitness assessment has three events:

    1. the push up

    2. the plank

    3. the one-mile run.

  3. The initial test is administered during orientation week and will set individual baselines. These baselines are individual and students work to improve their individual achievements.

  4. Students will be evaluated every six weeks. The results will be compared to the baseline test and all six- week tests to date. From this data the staff can track the physical condition of each student.

  5. This data over the two year program is used to determine the recipient of the Most Physically Improved Student award at graduation.

C. Students will wear appropriate athletic apparel during the medical examinations and while while performing the fitness assessments.

D. Students who suffer injuries or have medical or physical conditions that preclude physical activity will not be permitted to participate in skills until they receive physician clearance to resume full training activities.