Did you know that you can start a firefighter or EMT career immediately after high school graduation?

Austin ISD has an EMT and fire academy where you can receive the certification training needed to certify as a firefighter and EMT!

Download the 2020-2021 admissions packet HERE!

We are growing!!!
The new Program of Study for the EMT and Fire academies includes required foundation courses.

Did you know that college tuition is waived for certified career and volunteer firefighters in Texas?

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Click here to learn more about firefighter certification.

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How do I become a volunteer firefighter while attending college and get the tuition waived? 
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Download the UIL physical form here!

The LBJ Fire Academy has established an EMS Training Program!
Students can take a one year EMT course during the senior year at LBJ ECHS or Travis ECHS!

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Join the EMS Explorer Post 247 and take your EMT training to the next level!

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Check out our Propane Live Fire Skill Day in November 2017!
Thanks AISD.TV!

Class 12-Skill Day 5.mp4

Click here to watch the video from MyFoxAustin about the Austin Fire Department donation!

Learn more about the Austin ISD student sharing program by clicking here!
                  The LBJ Fire Academy is a student share program!

Steps to getting a

Structure Fire and Chain of Command

AISD in 3

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The beginning

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