The LBJ Fire Academy offers EMT and firefighter certification training.

To be eligible to enter one of these certification training programs a student selects the Law, Public Safety, and Corrections (LPSC) pathway.

The process starts in the 8th grade by putting Principles of LPSC on their choice sheet for 9th grade.

The program of study is:
9th grade Principles of LPSC
10th grade Disaster Response
then either
11th grade EMS 1
11th grade Fire 1

In 10th grade students will submit a student information packet and choose between the EMT and Fire academies.

The selection process is highly competitive.

The eligibility criteria to enter one of the academies are:
  • Be in the appropriate grade
  • Have completed the prerequisites
  • Be on pace to graduate
  • No more than three unexcused absences this school year
  • No disciplinary actions this school year
The EMT and Fire Academy selection processes includes:
  • Complete a Student Information Packet
  • Submit the Student Information Packet prior to the deadline
  • Student Information packet review
  • Wait for the results to be announced.

Students from seven Austin ISD high schools may elect to be in the LPSC pathway and attend either the Fire Academy or the EMT Academy offered at LBJ ECHS. 

    Anderson High School                McCallum High School
    Austin High School                     Navarro High School
    LASA High School                      Northeast High School
    LBJ High School 

Students from three Austin ISD high schools may elect to be in the LPSC pathway and attend the EMT Academy offered at Travis ECHS.

Watch this video about the Fire Academy!

LBJ Fire Academy

Watch this video about the EMS Academy!

EMS Academy Recruiting