Students from seven Austin ISD high schools may attend the LBJ Fire Academy.
    Anderson High School                LASA High School
    Austin High School                     McCallum High School
    Lanier High School                     Reagan High School
    LBJ High School

The recruiting period for the LBJ Fire Academy is closed. The recruiting period will reopen in the fall.

Until then explore our website, check us out on Facebook, and visit our YouTube Channel!

The student selection process is highly competitive and consists of several elements which include:
    • Minimum 2.5 GPA requirement
    • Be on pace to graduate with their class, as assessed by their counselor
    • Attendance records check
    • Discipline records check
    • Submit an essay explaining why you should be accepted
    The LBJ Fire Academy will send email updates on the recruiting process.

    The LBJ Fire Academy selection process includes:
    • Complete a Student Information Packet
    • Submit the Student Information Packet prior to the deadline
    • Student Information packet review
    • Wait for the results announcement.
    You may download and print the LBJ Fire Academy Student Information Packet, complete as required, and email to

    2014 Recruiting Video

    2013 Recruiting Video