What is the LBJ Fire Academy?

The LBJ Fire Academy is a fire and EMS certification training program.

The LBJ Fire Academy offers the Emergency Response concentration in the Law, Public Safety, and Corrections pathway. The pathway starts with the Disaster Response course in the 10th grade followed by either the EMS or the Fire Academy in the junior and senior years.

The LBJ Fire Academy offers both a Texas Commission on Fire Protection (TCFP) and a Department of State Health Services (TDSHS) certification training programs. Successful graduates of the LBJFA are eligible to take the TCFP Structural Fire Fighter and / or the National Registry EMT and EMR certification exams.

With the TCFP Structural Firefighter and / or the TDSHS EMT certifications students can begin a career in firefighting or emergency medical services upon graduation from high school. The coursework for both the firefighter and EMT certifications are at the college level.

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Did you know that college tuition is waived for certified career and volunteer firefighters in Texas?

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The LBJ Fire Academy has an EMS Training Program!

Students can take a two year EMS academy during the junior and senior years at 


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Join the ATC/EMS Explorer Post 247 and take your EMT training to the next level!

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Join the Austin Fire Department Explorer Post 370 and take your fire training to the next level!

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